Reduce Construction and
Operational Costs

Energy Modeling for Existing Buildings, New Build, or Renovations

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How Energy Modeling Can Reduce Construction and Operational Costs

It's time for your energy performance close-up.  

Whether an existing building, renovation, or new build, when used as a conceptual tool, energy modeling can help optimize construction and reduce operational costs.

Discover the benefits and learn novel techniques to improve efficiency using Energy Modeling in early schematic design. 

In this webinar, we'll show you how our work helps developers, owners, and their teams make impactful decisions that create sustainable results. 

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You will also:

  • Learn how early energy modeling can provide cost benefits to developers and owners
  • Discover how to use modeling for code compliance
  • Know how to plan and implement the process of early energy modeling
  • See projects samples and their results
  • Understand where early energy modeling is required

We're proud to share our clients success stories. For example, 
through energy modeling, we found one client an additional 18% reduction in energy use, translating to $460,000 of annual savings in utility costs while also lowering construction costs.

Another client sought our advice to ensure where their money was best spent while achieving energy performance goals. We optimized better glazing versus better insulation and compared a campus system to a standalone system. We worked closely with the client to plan and implement solutions that resulted in greater energy efficiency. 

Now it's your turn!  We're ready to help you become an energy saving, cost reducing success story. 

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How energy modeling can reduce construction and operational costs