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If you own or lease your building space, you can qualify for LEED. 

Clients, vendors, partners and board members are increasingly interested in understanding the environmental impact of your business. With pending regulations from the SEC encouraging transparency around climate impact, it's important for any business operating in the global economy to measure and report on their environmental performance. Obtaining LEED Operations + Maintenance (O+M) certification for existing buildings is a way to demonstrate your commitment to sustainable operations and provide concrete data on your environmental performance.

Many don't know where to start on this journey and that's where we come in. We can help assess your current state and give you the guidance to achieve your goals with the Emerald Gap Analysis

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The Emerald LEED Gap Analysis includes:

  • A preliminary evaluation of your current performance for energy, water, & waste use/generation 

  • Gathering your current sustainability practices in one place 

  • Identification of new opportunities for sustainable practices you need to incorporate

  • A clear roadmap of activities you need to execute to be ready to certify

  • A Scorecard to guide your preliminary LEED strategy (sample below)

  • A written narrative from our experts

  • LEED Strategy Prioritization & Cost Matrix (sample below) 

  • Establish entry for building/space in ESPM & Arc (software programs required for LEED O+M) 

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What Does LEED O+M Certification Do For Me?

  • Your building receives 3rd party certification following a rigorous standard 
  • Implement sustainable operations & procedures 
  • Gain a methodology for tracking & reporting of your climate impact 
  • Ongoing methodology for engaging your staff/tenants in positive change 
  • Keeps you competitive in your market as the global trend to sustainability continues

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press play iconIf you want to learn more about LEED O+M and the Gap Analysis,
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Sample of Arc Scorecard:

ARC Scorecard

Sample of LEED Cost Matrix:

LEED cost matrix

Emerald Built Environments is a LEED Proven Provider for BD+C.