Sustainable Savings Capturing Tax Incentives with 179D and 45L (5)


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All About Sustainable Savings

In this online engagement event, Laura Steinbrink chats with our expert guests from ICS Tax, LLC - Alex Bagne, Jason Puffenbarger, and Noe Montalvo to talk about how projects can maximize savings from 179D and 45L - two federal tax strategies aimed at supporting sustainable buildings.

Savings potential for:

  • Commercial buildings: Up to $5k per SF, covering major renovation and new construction 
  • Residential buildings: $5k per unit, applies to single- and multi-family, major renovation and new construction

We'll walk through recent changes to 179D and 45L, and talk about best practices and how to start so you can capture incentives on your tax return.

Hosted by: 

Laura Steinbrink

Laura Steinbrink

Principal & Managing Member of Emerald Built Environments


Alex Bagne

Alex is the President of ICS Tax, LLC (ICS). He specializes in tax planning, which includes Cost Segregation, the 179D Energy Efficient Commercial Building Deduction, the 45L Energy Efficient Home Credit, and Research Tax Credits. His strategies have saved his clients millions in tax dollars. Alex earned a BSBA in accounting from The Ohio State University, a Master of Business Administration from the University of Minnesota, and a law degree from the Tulane School of Law in New Orleans, Louisiana. Alex is a licensed attorney as well as a certified public accountant. He is a Certified Cost Segregation Professional and served as president of the American Society of Cost Segregation Professionals (ASCSP). In his free time, he is a martial arts instructor in Judo.

Jason Puffenbarger

Jason Puffenbarger

Jason Puffenbarger serves as a Regional Manager of Inspections for ICS Inspectors working in our Northeast Ohio office. He is a Home Energy Rater (HERS) through RESNET. He holds certifications and extensive experience in ENERGY STAR, Zero Energy Ready Homes (ZERH), National Green Building Standard (NGBS), and LEED for Homes. Jason graduated from Heidelberg College with a Bachelor of Science.

Jason lives in Painesville, Ohio with his wife, two daughters and two dogs. He enjoys spending time on Lake Erie, taking hikes at local parks, cheering for local sports teams, and catching live music around town.

Noe Montalvo

Noe Montalvo

Noe Montalvo has 20+ years of experience in residential construction and energy efficiency programs. He is a RESNET Quality Assurance Designee, HERS Rater Trainer, Energy Star Trainer and ICC Residential Energy Inspector/Plans Examiner. Noe has extensive experience with Residential HVAC Performance Evaluation and Forensic Home Inspections. He currently serves as Vice Chair on the High-Performance Building Council for the Building Industry Association (BIA) of Central South Carolina. 

As a residential builder, Noe has managed multiple construction superintendents and projects in Houston, TX and most recently in Columbia, SC. He has helped reduce construction build times and cost variances which maximize contribution margins on each of his projects.

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